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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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General Inquiries: For general inquiries or feedback about our news coverage, please email us at info@newsboxbharat.com or use the contact form below. We appreciate your input and will do our best to respond to your message in a timely manner.

Advertising and Partnerships: If you are interested in advertising opportunities, partnerships, or sponsored content, please email us at advertising@newsboxbharat.com. Our advertising team will be happy to provide you with information about our advertising options and discuss collaboration possibilities.

Editorial Submissions: We welcome editorial submissions from freelance writers, journalists, and contributors. If you have a news story, feature article, or opinion piece that aligns with our editorial focus, please send it to submissions@newsboxbharat.com. Please note that while we review all submissions, we may not be able to respond to every inquiry.

Corrections and Fact-Checking: At News Box Bharat, we strive for accuracy and journalistic integrity. If you have identified an error in our reporting or would like to request a fact-check, please email us at corrections@newsboxbharat.com. We appreciate your vigilance in helping us maintain the highest standards of credibility.

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How ot advertise your business/brands or services? Types of advertisement and features:

  1. Digital Advertising for E-commerce Brands:
  • Objective: Increase online sales and brand visibility among News Box Bharat’s digital audience.
  • Strategy:
    • Sponsored Content: Publish articles or videos showcasing the e-commerce brand’s products, special offers, or success stories, seamlessly integrated into News Box Bharat’s editorial content.
    • Display Ads: Place targeted banner ads on relevant sections of the website, such as the business or technology category pages, to reach users interested in online shopping.
    • Email Newsletter Sponsorship: Partner with News Box Bharat to sponsor a dedicated section or feature in their email newsletters, reaching subscribers interested in news and current affairs.
    • Social Media Promotion: Amplify the reach of sponsored content through News Box Bharat’s social media channels, engaging with their audience and driving traffic to the e-commerce brand’s website or social profiles.
  • Metrics: Track engagement metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS) to measure the campaign’s effectiveness in driving online sales and brand awareness.
  1. Local Business Promotions for Regional Advertisers:
  • Objective: Increase foot traffic and sales for local businesses within specific regions covered by News Box Bharat.
  • Strategy:
    • Geotargeted Ads: Utilize News Box Bharat’s digital advertising platform to create geotargeted campaigns, delivering tailored messages to users based on their location.
    • Event Sponsorship: Partner with News Box Bharat to sponsor local events or community initiatives covered by their news team, gaining exposure among residents and businesses in the area.
    • Business Directory Listings: Offer local businesses the opportunity to be featured in News Box Bharat’s online business directory, providing them with additional visibility and credibility within their community.
    • Cross-Promotion with Local Content: Collaborate with News Box Bharat to create sponsored content highlighting success stories, events, or initiatives of local businesses, driving engagement and support from the community.
  • Metrics: Measure the increase in foot traffic, online inquiries, and brand mentions attributed to the campaign, as well as the overall impact on the local economy.
  1. Political Advertising for Election Campaigns:
  • Objective: Reach voters and influence opinions during election seasons through targeted political advertising.
  • Strategy:
    • Candidate Profiles: Partner with political candidates to create sponsored profiles or interviews featured on News Box Bharat’s website and social media platforms, allowing them to connect with voters and share their platforms.
    • Issue-Based Ads: Create targeted digital ads addressing key political issues or concerns relevant to News Box Bharat’s audience, positioning candidates as solutions-oriented leaders.
    • Debate Coverage Sponsorship: Sponsor live coverage or analysis of political debates, town hall meetings, or election events hosted by News Box Bharat, aligning with the platform’s commitment to impartial reporting and civic engagement.
    • Voter Education Campaigns: Collaborate with News Box Bharat to launch voter education initiatives, such as explainers on the electoral process, voter registration drives, or candidate forums, fostering informed decision-making among voters.
  • Metrics: Monitor metrics such as reach, engagement, sentiment analysis, and voter turnout to gauge the effectiveness of the political advertising campaigns in shaping public opinion and driving civic participation.

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